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getAwareLive! Pre-Conference Training Announcement!

Alliance Enterprises is thrilled to announce our three Pre-Conference Training tracks that will be offered to attendees at this year's getAwareLive! Conference, July 23-26, in Atlanta.
Training Manager Karen Dunn, Alliance Enterprises

getAwareLive! Pre-Conference Training Announcement!

By now you know of Alliance’s getAwareLive! conference in Atlanta this summer (July 25 and 26), and we hope you are looking forward to it as much as we are! But did you know about the two full days of pre-conference training that we are offering July 23 and 24? We’ve put together a video with Alliance training manager, Karen Dunn, to give you more information about the types of training offered. Additional details to come, so be sure to keep checking back in the coming weeks.



My name is Karen Dunn, I’m with Alliance Enterprises.  I am very excited to talk to you about our new pre-conference training, in July, in Atlanta. We have two days of training planned, and we have with three different tracks. The tracks do repeat, with a few exceptions. So if you miss something the first day, you can come the next day. We’ve tried to really cater these tracks to what’s happening to you and the industry at the time. So we do have an Adaptation Review track, which I think that you will find very useful. We are going to teach you how to do the Adaptation Reviews that we currently do with the states. Our second track is all about measuring performance, so of course this includes our 911 and our common performance measures. We have consulted with our industry experts and with the TACs to make sure that we’re giving you the latest information. And our final track is all about the Aware features that you either have access to currently and may not be using, or features that you could add to what you currently have. We’ve looked at WIOA.  We have found solutions for your business needs that will fit what you need to do and we’d like to talk about how you can leverage the system to help you better. I’m looking forward to seeing you in July.

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