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Classes and Speakers Announced for the Aware Training Event of 2018!

Dive deeper into the two days of training leading up to getAwareLive 2018 in Atlanta, GA.

The Full Rundown On Pre-Conference Training

The countdown to getAwareLive is on!

If you’re still on the fence, this great lineup of training opportunities could entice you to buy a ticket. Today we’re announcing details about each of the conference training sessions. Plus, we’re sharing the names of trainers and speakers who will be facilitating each session.

If you’ve already confirmed, you’ll be getting a detailed look at everything in this fantastic schedule. The conference and pre-conference training are designed to provide incredible value to you and your agency, a cross-section of Aware best practices and industry knowledge geared to help you continue to help people with disabilities find and maintain gainful employment.

Three Training Tracks

The event kicks off with two full days of pre-conference training divided into three tracks: Adaptation Review, Performance Measurement, and Aware Features. The trainings do repeat, with a few exceptions. That way, if you miss something the first day, you can come the next day. We’ve tried to cater these tracks to what’s currently happening in the industry. Our training manager, Karen Dunn, overviews training in this video. The Adaptation Review track, led by Lisa Gifford and Ralph Vigil, teaches you how to do the Adaptation Reviews where Alliance highlights priority Aware Adaptations that can impact your internal controls. The Performance Measurement track, led by John Harper and Ken Goss, compiles the latest information on this important topic. We’ll also look at the various means of measuring performance, such as Pre-ETS and common performance measures. The Aware Features track, led by Karen Dunn and Pam Clevenger, highlights features in Aware that you may not be currently using to assist with delivery, tracking, and reporting of services.

Below you will find full descriptions for each Aware training class. All classes are 90 minutes, and you will have the opportunity to attend eight total during your two days of training (4 on each day).

Adaptation Review:

  1. Review Basics Using Date Rules and Overrides – The first class in the Adaptation Review series introduces the Review process and includes a plan and templates for completing a Review. The class focuses some of the highest profile adaptations, date rules and personal security overrides to support your agency’s ability to report accurate, complete, and timely information.
  2. Financial Adaptation – The second class in the Adaptation Review series walks you through a review of essential adaptation associated with Budget Management, Authorization Rules, Authorization Approval Limits, and Separation of Duties.
  3. RSA-911 Reporting – The third class in the Adaptation Review series, focuses on recently added RSA-911 adaptation that supports Students with a Disability, Pre-ETS, Potentially Eligible and Actual Services. The class also introduces adaptations to easily document and access supporting documentation.
  4. Security and Timesaving Features – The final class in the Adaptation Review series, examines essential Personal Security adaptations such as Login requirements, security templates, and case access. The class highlights timesaving features such as advanced use of Activity Due Reminders, and the Employer module included in the Aware Enterprise License.

Performance Measurement:

  1. Analyzing Your Agency with the Common Performance Measures – This class examines common performance measures – what they are, where to find the data, and how to leverage the associated Aware tools and reports (ETA-9169) to measure and present the common performance measures for your agency.
  2. Fine-Tuning the RSA-911 Report – Starting with a review of Aware technical documentation, this class delves into the RSA-911, tips & tricks for keeping data clean, edit checker and portal submissions, testing for “black holes”, and expectations for reporting that is currently missing. Alliance recommends attending the Analyzing Your Agency with the Common Performance Measures before taking this class.
  3. Tracking and Reporting Pre-ETS – A deep dive into Pre-ETS covering: federal guidance, different models for Pre-ETS delivery, leveraging Aware tools (managed layouts, reporting), ways to move the needle, staff time, actual services, expenditure tracking, and other opportunities.
  4. Getting Ready for a Monitoring Visit* -This training session breaks down the RSA monitoring guide and identifies how Aware can assist in preparation for and management of data.
  5. Designing Rapid Cycle Evaluations* – Experience a demonstration of the VR Program Evaluations Coach conducted by Todd Honeycutt. This tool helps VR program staff test the impacts of implemented service and process innovations. Get a tour of design, purpose, features, and use case examples.

Aware Features:

  1. Building Successful Portals using Aware APIs – This training session provides an overview and answers some basic questions: what an API is, what a portal is, how they interact, and what they mean for your agency.
  2. Measuring Data Quality with the QA Tool – What is QA, why is it important, and what Aware tools can you use to assure data quality? Topics include: OIG audits, PEQA model for QA, TAC guidance, CRFs, and using the Monitoring Guide as a sample for adapting and implementing the QA tool.
  3. Tracking Services and Job Opportunities with the Employer Module – Are you taking full advantage of this feature of Aware Core? We will highlight tools, system upgrades, features that allow for “job matching,” reporting for services to employers, and new and emerging elements found in Aware v6.4.
  4. Documenting and Reporting Provided Services* – In this class we look at how to rethink and optimize the use of tools in Aware Core and review an example of accurate reporting of direct services.
  5. A Blueprint for Going Paperless* – What does “paperless” mean exactly? We’ll cover that, along with tools available in Aware to help you get there, lessons learned, and best practices from agencies that have gone paperless.

* Only offered one day

OK, now are you ready to register!? We thought so!

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