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Sweet Training Opportunities, Juicy Breakout Presentations

We’ve announced our program schedule for getAwareLive! 2018. The lineup of VR, workforce, and technology presenters assures you’ll squeeze max value from your training dollars at this Peach State event.
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Sweet Training Opportunities,
Juicy Breakout Presentations

With 14 training opportunities and 13 breakout sessions covering the hottest topics in the industry, the getAwareLive! conference in Atlanta is definitely going to be a fruitful event for VR professionals across the country!

Aware learning opportunities focus on adaptation review, measuring performance, and the latest and greatest Aware features. Topics include:

  • Using the Aware QA Tool to Measure Data Quality
  • Building Successful Portals and APIs
  • Prepping for an RSA Monitoring Visit
  • Security and Time-Saving Features
  • See the full schedule here

Breakout sessions cover the latest VR and workforce trends, as well as a peek at the emerging technologies on the horizon. Topics include:

  • RSA-911 Best Practices
  • Streamlining Data Collection
  • Rapid Cycle Evaluations
  • 21st Century Labor Market Research
  • See full schedule here

We hope to see you in Atlanta this summer!

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