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A powerful lineup.


Senator Tom Harkin

Senator Tom Harkin (retired)

The Harkin Institute
Sean T. Casey

Sean T. Casey

GVRA Executive Director
Randy Lewis Keynote Speaker getAwareLive! Conference

Randy Lewis

Former Walgreens Executive, Award-winning Author
Mandy Harvey

Mandy Harvey

Motivational Speaker
Jessica Cox Keynote Speaker getAwareLive! Conference

Jessica Cox

Disability Advocate, Motivational Speaker
Glen Gordon

Glen Gordon

Chief Technology Officer, VFO


Russ Cusack getAwareLive! Conference Host

Russ Cusack

Conference Chair
Chris Pieper Image

Chris M. Pieper

CEO, Alliance Enterprises
Lisa Gifford Image

Lisa Gifford

Director of Corporate Strategy, Alliance Enterprises


Alan Rhoten Image

Alan Rhoten

Senior Business Analyst
Dan Bartels Image

Dan Bartels

Analytics Product Manager
Karen Dunn Image

Karen Dunn

Strategic Account Manager
Pam Clevenger Image

Pam Clevenger

Customer Support Manager
Ralph Vigil Image

Ralph Vigil

Strategic Account Manager

Interested in Joining our 2018 Lineup?

If you are passionate about a topic in VR, Workforce or Technology, you could add value to our event by joining our speaker lineup. Let us know what you would like to speak about and we will be in contact with you.

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