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Microsoft to Showcase New AI Apps and Services at getAwareLive!

Microsoft recently announced a new AI for Accessibility initiative
Microsoft Seeing AI app

Microsoft to Showcase New AI Apps
and Services at getAwareLive!

We’re thrilled to announce that Microsoft will be participating at getAwareLive 2018. The software maker will demonstrate the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) apps and other leading-edge technologies designed to improve accessibility and disability inclusion at the Atlanta conference on July 25-26.

Microsoft recently announced a new AI for Accessibility initiative, a $25 million program “that harnesses the power of AI to amplify human capability for the more than 1 billion people around the world with a disability.”

At getAwareLive, Microsoft will demonstrate the latest capabilities in AI accessibility, including Seeing AI, an app designed for low-vision users that harnesses AI to describe the world around users. They’ll also show a product line, called Cognitive Services, that delivers intelligent algorithms to see, hear, speak, understand, and interpret user needs through natural methods of communication.

“Alliance is passionate about technology and we’re driven to deliver innovative solutions to the rehabilitation professionals that use our Aware case management software to help individuals with disabilities acquire new skills and gain meaningful employment,” said Alliance Enterprises CEO Chris M. Pieper. “We’re thrilled to have Microsoft’s participation at getAwareLive because of their obviously strong commitment to accessibility and their increasingly impressive portfolio of apps and services that are changing lives for the better every day.”

In 2017, Microsoft recognized Alliance Enterprises as a Digital Transformation Partner of the Year for delivering solutions that improved how people with disabilities were served by state agencies.

Read this press release for more about how Microsoft and Alliance are teaming together to help state agencies assist people with disabilities.

Interested to see the latest in AI apps for people with disabilities? Register for getAwareLive here.

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