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Mandy Harvey: A Voice for Hope

America's Got Talent finalist brings beautiful melodies, inspiring story to getAwareLive!
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Mandy Harvey: A Voice for Hope

Growing up, Mandy Harvey says she was a shy girl who was slightly hard of hearing. Music became an outlet, a place she could go to do what she loved. But when she turned 18 Mandy lost all her residual hearing and was dropped from the music program at Colorado State University.

The music had died inside of her along with a lifelong aspiration to be a choir director, plunging Mandy into a deep depression.

“I had made the serious mistake of connecting my entire identity with one single dream. And it died, I watched myself die,” she said in this CNN interview.

But she didn’t give up. As the lyrics from her song, Try, articulate she decided that “the only thing in my way is me” and that “I will try.” Trying meant learning how to sing all over again, learning to carry a tone through muscle memory, visual tuners and to trust her pitch. She estimates spending “40 to 70 hours a week on pronouncing words correctly and pitch and singing.”

That hard work paid off last year when she burst onto the national scene with an awe-inspiring performance on America’s Got Talent that floored even the harshest of judges, Simon Cowell. The performance amassed over 26 million YouTube views.

We can’t wait to experience Mandy’s beautiful melodies and her story at getAwareLive!


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