The getAwareLive! 2019 conference takes place in the home state of Alliance. We’re excited because our Alliance staff will be at the conference right along with you! This is your chance to meet the people who work hard every day making sure Aware works, and most importantly, works for you.

The Support Team: Your Own Personal Superheroes

The Avengers have nothing on our Support team! Have you ever wanted to meet your support representative face to face? Would you like to shake the hand of the person who helped you during the last RSA 911 submission, who walked you through a complex technical issue, or who had your back when your agency had an issue with Aware? The Alliance Support team is always there to help you, and the getAwareLive conference is your chance to meet them in person! You’ll be able to put faces to names and get to know the people behind the voice or the name on the email.

The Development and Analyst Teams: The Minds Behind Aware

Every part of the Aware system you use was designed and built by our analysts and developers. These brilliant minds figure out how to meet your business need and make it happen. At getAwareLive, you can meet the people who designed your favorite Aware feature or wrote the lines of code to deploy it. These are the people designing and building the Future of Aware, and this is your chance to learn more about them.

But Wait, There’s More!

At getAwareLive! 2019, you’ll also get to meet staff on our Project Management team, our Training team, and our Testing and AMS teams! Just about every Alliance employee will be at getAwareLive, so why wouldn’t you be?

The Alliance Team can’t wait to see you July 24-25 at getAwareLive! 2019.

Please note: Your vital VR work continues to be supported during the conference! Alliance will organize staff visits to getAwareLive to ensure that staff are available to assist agencies with Aware issues without a reduction in services.