As a Senior Accessibility Evangelist for Microsoft, Dr. Megan Lawrence knows a thing or two about accessible technology (AT). More specifically, she knows where AT has been, and where it needs to go.

With more than one billion people with disabilities in the world, there’s a need for products to work for everyone. Megan’s work focuses on finding ways for companies to make accessibility a core part of how they design and build products.

To understand how Megan got her start in this field, it’s helpful to know two things. One, she struggles to read maps. Two, she has a Ph.D. in Geography. This dichotomy got Megan asking the question: how do we design technology that meets the needs of a range of people with a diverse spectrum of abilities?

With this question in mind, Megan seeks to improve the way companies create products; to make accessibility an essential part of the way products are created, and not just an afterthought.

At her presentation, Megan will share the latest accessibility innovations and how Artificial Intelligence can be a force multiplier to create a more accessible world that provides access to education, employment and the environment for people with disabilities. Agency staff members won’t want to miss this explanation of where AT is heading.

Megan is excited to share her insights with all our guests at getAwareLive! Her presentation invites participants to consider the incredible future of accessibility. In the past, you had to adapt to the world. Now, let’s imagine a world that adapts to you.