When it comes to magic, you can’t always believe what you see. That has never been truer than when Richard Turner takes the stage. And when Richard performs, you must see it to believe it. 

Blind since the age of seven, Richard has incorporated his personal experiences to become the world’s most skilled card magician. Through his expert talent, Richard inspires others to focus on the hand they’ve been dealt and to decide if they will use it to hold themselves back or turn it into a success story. 

During his presentation, Richard will challenge listeners to develop creative muscle, iron-man like focus, and convert dreams into real-world achievements.  

In addition to his impressive and inspirational life story, Richard has won national and international competitions including the highly-coveted Close-up Magician of the Year Award (the magic industry’s equivalent of an Oscar). His unparalleled skill with a deck of cards has been repeatedly featured in publications, Harvard studies, and on world-wide television shows including Showdown of the World’s Greatest Magicians in Germany, and World Geniuses in Japan. 

Richard’s performance promises to be an exciting event. He has received rave reviews from such publications as the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times. Richard has appeared on the TV show Penn & Teller: Fool Us. Penn Jillette admitted that, “Richard Turner is one of the finest slight-of-hand artists who have ever lived. He fooled us with every single move he did!”

His talents, humor, poise, and eloquence has made him a highly sought-after stage entertainer and corporate inspirational speaker. You won’t want to miss this performance at getAwareLive! 2019.